Reel Talk: How Shopify Stores Used Video in July

Reel Talk: How Shopify Stores Used Video in July

July has been a headliner month with artists and brands on Shopify hosting an amazing array of video experiences.

Let's take a peek into how they've used Single's video tools to transform their Shopify stores into live, interactive platforms for their fans.   


Interactive Fanfare: Solence’s New Album Release

Swedish rockers Solence have a knack for drawing their fans in, no matter the platform. They decided to treat their followers with a special live stream and left it open for replay, giving fans a chance to tune in whenever they could.

What made this event special? The band dropped a surprise announcement that their most engaged fans heard first - there's a new single and album in the works! We dig this strategy; it shows how instant engagement can build anticipation for an album release and steer traffic to their Shopify store. Fans loved the direct interaction, and Solence scored some merch sales + got to collect valuable emails from the stream's live chat for their future offers and promotions.   


Nostalgia Marketing: U2’s 30th Anniversary of Zooropa

Who doesn't love a good anniversary, especially when it's U2 commemorating 30 years of Zooropa? But U2 went beyond the usual - alongside special merch and reissued albums, they aired a recording of a historic concert from three decades ago across four Shopify stores, with a global chat using Single's tools.

This was nostalgia marketing at its best - reminding fans of their love for the band, driving merch sales, and uniting people across time zones. The fans cherished this throwback, and U2 celebrated a successful anniversary with a surge in sales.   


Building a Fan Club Community: Lainey Wilson's Livestream Love

Amid her nonstop touring and sold-out shows, country music's rising star, Lainey Wilson, found a unique way to say thanks to her biggest fans - the Fast Lainers fan club. A dedicated livestream was her method of choice to share the concert thrill with fans and build stronger connections, all while showcasing her merch, music, and fan club.

This was a masterstroke; live events cultivate community and bolster brand loyalty. Fans were thrilled with the exclusive access, and Lainey enjoyed the chance to connect more intimately with her fans while showing others why they should sign up for her fan club.   


Worldwide Celebration: Tim Foust's Birthday Bash 

This year, Tim Foust decided to crank his traditional Birthday Bash up a notch. Thanks to Single's live streaming solution for Shopify, what once was an exclusive in-person event at the City Winery in Nashville became a celebration that anyone could attend from anywhere in the world.

What's not to love about this strategy? Live streams break down geographical barriers, boost event earning potential, and make fans from all over the globe feel like they're right there in the room. The excitement was palpable, and fans loved joining Tim's bash no matter where they were - just look at these Instagram comments for proof. Plus, Tim himself was so fired up by the worldwide connection that he kept the party going with another live stream over brunch the next day.    


Looking Ahead

The examples we've shared illustrate how the simple combination of video on Shopify can create fun fan experiences and open up fresh revenue streams for artists. As we move forward:

  • Think about expanding physical events online for a larger crowd.
  • Generate buzz around new launches with live streams.
  • Revisit old content to stoke fan engagement and sales.
  • Build a sense of community through live interactions to enhance brand loyalty. 


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