The #1 Thing Music Fans Want from Their Favorite Artists

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Exclusive Access Is the Key to Building Real Fandom

One of the top questions we get from artists theses days is: What do fans really want from me? It's a great question, because if you can figure out what makes your fans tick and deliver on it, you'll build much deeper loyalty.

The problem is there's no one-size-fits-all answer. Every fanbase is unique. Some crave new merch, others want more music. That's why fan data is so crucial - it provides insight into what your specific fans respond to best.


Access Is King

But in working with thousands of artists, we've noticed a common theme emerge:

Access is king.

Fans crave insider access and exclusive experiences. They want to feel like a VIP with special treatment. And the best part? You don't need to kill yourself creating more content to deliver it. 


Case Studies: Strategic Access in Action

Here are three examples of artists getting strategic with fan access:

Donald Glover aired a new radio show exclusively on his Shopify store via Instagram Live, then gave the full playback only to fans who visited his site directly. More fan data and engagement? Check.

donald glover exclusive fan access

Indie band Softspoken gave their fan club exclusive access to a new song and behind-the-scenes content from their Japan tour before anyone else. VIP treatment that left fans wanting more. 

Rock band White Lies offered their most loyal fans early access to tickets for an upcoming show, plus a candid Q&A session and exclusive studio pics. Serious FOMO for other fans - and major rewards for their diehards.

See the pattern here? These artists are moving their biggest fans off social media and onto their owned platforms. This gives those fans exclusive access they can't get anywhere else, driving meaningful loyalty.


Key Takeaways for Artists:

  • Look for small ways to give your fans insider access and VIP treatment through your owned channels, not just social media. A little bit of exclusive content goes a long way.
  • Focus on quality over quantity. Access doesn't mean you need to make more content that burns you out. Just repurpose what you have into something special for fans.
  • This is how you go beyond surface-level social followers and build real fandom. Give your fans glimpses behind the curtain they can't get anywhere else.


The Easiest Way to Offer Exclusive Experiences

Want to start monetizing exclusive access to your biggest supporters? With Single, artists can easily offer fan club subscriptions, livestreams, and more - all on their own Shopify stores.

It's never been easier to move fans from followers to lifelong superfans who both engage more and spend more. The key is strategic access.

How will you reward your fans with VIP experiences this year?


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