Capitalize on the Vinyl and CD Comeback with This Bundling Strategy

Capitalize on the Vinyl and CD Comeback with This Bundling Strategy

Leverage Vinyl's Resurgence to Boost Your Music Sales

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably noticed vinyl sales skyrocketing - with 17 years of growth and no signs of stopping. But why?

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The Reason for Vinyl's Return

Many assume the return of vinyl is driven purely by nostalgia. But as Rob Abelow recently tweeted, there's more to this trend than fans just enjoying the format.

Surprisingly, about 50% of buyers don't even own a turntable. These fans are seeking a more ritualistic, physical connection with their favorite music and artists. Simply put: vinyl allows that tangible relationship that streaming can't provide.


Your Next Move? Lean In With Vinyl Bundles

With vinyl’s comeback, now is the perfect time to offer vinyl bundles in your online music store. Here’s why vinyl bundles work:

  • Different price points appeal to every fan's budget
  • Exclusive colored vinyl or limited editions entice collectors
  • Bundling vinyl ups your average order value and revenue 

And in case you missed it: physical album + merch combos (aka Fan Packs) are now eligible for reporting


Leverage These Best-Selling Vinyl Bundle Ideas

Need some inspo to get started? Here are some best-selling vinyl bundle ideas we've seen from artists over the year:

  • Vinyl + Digital Album
  • Exclusive Multi-LP Box Sets
  • Music & Merch Combos

You can also check out some example music + merch combos that are chart-eligible here.


Ready to Sell More Records?

Fortunately, bundling your music + merch on Shopify is easy. Check out this quick video guide to set this up in your online store:


Artists, Managers, Label Teams – Need a Hand?

Let's strategize together! Grab some time with our team, and we'll explore ways to boost your music sales and earnings on Shopify. 


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