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Cheers to the Launch of FRNDS: A Web3 Brand Fostering Friendship

Cheers to the Launch of FRNDS: A Web3 Brand Fostering Friendship

Web3 technology is reshaping brand-consumer interactions.

It allows for a new level of connectivity and personalized experiences by building upon existing frameworks – like commerce.

Say hello to FRNDS, a newcomer to the scene, leveraging Single's NFT bundling and tokengating solutions to create a community-centric, Web3 fashion brand from day one.

The Beginning of FRNDS 

Born in April 2022, FRNDS is the brainchild of Ger, Firas, and Tnwrks, driven by their shared passion for inclusivity and quality products. FRNDS stands apart from typical fashion brands, embodying friendship, love, and positive change, weaving a community around these core values. 


The Challenge: Marrying the Digital and Physical Worlds

FRNDS needed an all-in-one solution to link NFTs with merchandise and provide exclusive access to new products and experiences.

Their goal was clear: a robust Web3 and commerce ecosystem for the long term.

Why FRNDS Chose Single

FRNDS opted for Single's NFT bundling solution to bridge the gap between their physical and digital products. Our tool effortlessly bundled t-shirts with digital collectibles, creating a Web3 shopping experience on Shopify aligned with their brand's ethos.    


"We chose Single because it was a perfect fit for our vision and gave us exactly what we were looking for. It has an effortless NFT bundling feature that lets us mix our digital collectibles with our merchandise." - Ger, Co-founder of FRNDS  


More than that, Single allowed them to venture beyond physical and digital products. Our tokengating solution directed their community to a centralized hub for all merchandise, NFTs, and extras - their Shopify store, sustaining momentum after each launch.


FRNDS with Everyone: Web2 and Web3

Another key reason for choosing Single included its ability to integrate with the new DePay plugin for Shopify. Customers purchasing a FRNDS NFT were provided with a familiar and hassle-free checkout experience by incorporating Single into their store.

Now with DePay, FRNDS' customers have the freedom to pay using their preferred method, whether it's traditional cash, credit card, or Solana's SOL. This expanded payment flexibility significantly broadened the merchant's customer base by appealing to both Web2 and Web3 audiences across the board.



FRNDS Launch: Ushering in a New Shopping Experience

On June 14, 2023, FRNDS took off, launching their highly anticipated collection of 30 limited-edition tees. Each shirt was paired with a unique NFT, featuring traits from an upcoming PFP collection.

This was no ordinary product launch.

Beyond digital art and clothing, FRNDS leveraged their bundled NFTs as VIP passes for future drops and an investment opportunity for early fans. 

This approach continues to cultivate a symbiotic relationship between FRNDS and its community, promoting collective growth and rewarding their earliest supporters with exclusive benefits.

In doing so, FRNDS effectively empowers their community to not only express their style and represent the brand in real life, but actively participate in the brand's origin and ongoing story.

Community: The Pulse of FRNDS

Community lies at the heart of FRNDS, and there’s more to come.

FRNDS embraces a future driven by Web3 technology and a community that's been there from day one. "Building as one" sums up their journey, highlighting the brand's dedication to its core value: friendship.





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