Shopify Now Accepts Crypto Payments with DePay

Shopify Now Accepts Crypto Payments with DePay

Big news for Shopify merchants - using Depay, you can now accept most any crypto currency as payment through your Shopify store.

This integration lets your store accept crypto payments, enabling customers to pay with the token of their choice, without ever leaving your site.


What’s DePay?

DePay simplifies crypto transactions.

No middlemen, no waiting times - just direct transactions from your customers' wallets to your store. If you sell NFTs through Single, this means customers can buy and mint them directly in their wallets with their crypto, all within your shop.


Why It Matters

Here’s why you’d want to jump on board:

  • Efficient Checkouts: DePay makes checkouts smoother. Customers connect their wallets and pay quickly.
  • Direct Transactions: NFT purchases are minted directly into customers' wallets.
  • No Middlemen: Payments go directly from the buyer to your store.
  • Instant Payments: Funds are immediately transferred.
  • Flexibility: Choose the cryptocurrencies you want to accept.
  • More Options: DePay supports most every tokens (BTCB, ETH, SOL, USDC, WETH, and more), giving your customers choices.


The Checkout Experience

From a customer’s viewpoint, it’s a familiar landscape. When they’re checking out, they’ll spot an option to pay with DePay, just like they'd have an option to pay with a debit or credit card.

They click, connect their wallet, select their crypto, and complete the transaction. If they’ve purchased NFTs, they’ll find them in their wallets.


Spotlight: The FRNDS Store

Take a cue from FRNDS for example. They've plugged both DePay and Single into their Shopify store, and the result? A traditionally Web3 brand now caters to both Web2 and Web3 customers, where both have the option to pay with their preferred payment method.


Setting Up DePay on Shopify

Excited to get started? We've got a tutorial on how to set up DePay on your Shopify store in just a few clicks here.


Feeling Inspired?

Get started on your own:

Install Single in your Shopify store.


New to Web3?

Read our guide for everything you need to get started with Web3 here.


Thinking big?

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