Monthly Product Roundup: September

Monthly Product Roundup: September

We’re always listening to customers and working to improve the Single platform. From minor tweaks to full feature launches, things are always getting better. 

How you use Single can also be impacted when other companies – like Shopify or Billboard – make changes. So we try to include some of their updates here too. 

Read on for some notable changes from the past month. 


1. Single product updates

Host Livestreams that are only accessible to your Members or NFT holders

A highly requested feature – we’re thrilled to announce you can now officially gate access to a livestream! Give your members or NFT Holders a special treat by hosting exclusive Livestreams just for them. 


2. Customize the HTML of emails from Single 

Last month, we rolled out the ability to change the ‘from’ address for emails sent from Single. Now we’re giving you even more flexibility through the ability to customize the entire HTML of those emails.


3. Limiting Geographic Availability of Music and/or Video Releases

You can now control which countries your digital releases or videos are allowed to be accessed in within Single. For instance, if you set the geographic availability to only include the USA, then only fans within the USA will be able to purchase your product or watch your video.

4. Fast Learning - Right from the Single Homepage 

We revamped the home page of the Single app to give you more useful information like feature demos, recent articles from our blog, case studies of artists doing interesting things, and more.

  • Check it out by logging into your Single account and keep an eye for new tips and tricks content!