The Power of Direct Fan Engagement

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Why Artists Should Share Content Exclusively with Their Fans First

Releasing new songs and videos is exciting. But are you making the mistake of handing that content over to social media platforms first? In this guide, we'll show you how top artists like Conan Gray use Shopify to engage superfans and maximize new releases.


You’re Missing Out on Major Direct-to-Fan Opportunities

You’ve likely sold merch and music directly to your fans before. But when it comes to releasing new content - like songs or videos - most artists default to premiering on social media first.

Artists can capture fan data with direct-to-fan engagement strategies

The problem? This approach misses the chance to convert and gather data from your real supporters. You rack up views and follows on socials, but no direct sales or fan connection.


Conan Gray & Top Artists Are Changing the Direct-to-Fan Game

Artists like Conan Gray, Daniel Donato, Taking Back Sunday and even comedians are taking their work to Shopify before hitting mainstream platforms like Youtube.

This direct-to-fan strategy wins big:

  • Fans get exclusive early access and a VIP experience
  • Artists secure guaranteed sales and valuable fan data/insights


    Be the First Stop for Your Fans

    We often discuss the importance of creating opportunities for fans to self-identify as superfans. Now is the time to put that into action.

    When you release new music or videos, make your store the exclusive first destination. Offer perks and exclusives in exchange for emails. Then distribute widely across social media and streaming platforms.

    Our CEO Tommy digs into exactly how to execute on this direct-to-fan approach:


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