Why Artists Should Embrace Livestreams on Their Release Day

cuco live shopping on shopify

Don't Let That Excitement Go to Waste - Redirect Fans to Your Artist-Owned Platform

Release days are electric. When artists drop new tunes, merch, or anything creative, fans are more dialed in than ever, ready to show their support. It's the perfect opportunity to unlock massive potential—if you know how to properly harness that hype. But too often, that buzz gets squandered on empty streams and fleeting social media likes that hold little lasting value.

We'll dive deeper into maximizing release day hype in this post, or you can catch the video breakdown here:


Take Back Release Days - Don't Leave it to Social Platforms

This peak hype period is pivotal and shouldn't go to waste. It's a chance to convert all that sparked fan excitement into something more impactful long-term:

  • Strengthening bonds with your most devoted supporters
  • Encouraging fans to invest in your vision
  • Directing buzz to channels you fully own and control

The key is crafting an experience that gets hyped fans off third-party platforms onto your owned platform like a Shopify store.


Creative Ideas to Shift Fans to Your Own Channel

So picture this: you're about to drop a new EP. Instead of just throwing the Spotify link on Instagram, why not host a live listening party? You could dish on the inspiration behind the tracks, strum out an acoustic version, and sell directly from your store.

Some ideas to get you started:

  • Play acoustic renditions of the new tracks and share the stories behind them
  • Answer fan questions and chat live during the stream
  • Drop limited edition merch or special discounts during the event
  • Give a sneak peek with exclusive clips, photos, or videos

And why stop there? Bring in a guest musician or interviewee for an extra layer of awesome. When you own the platform, the sky's the limit for fan engagement.


Drive Real-Time Sales with Shoppable Livestreams

single live stream app for shopify

With tools like Single powering your Shopify storefront's live events, you're in control of every interaction:

  • Launch new albums, products, or merch with an integrated e-commerce experience, letting fans shop as they engage—no clunky, disjointed journeys here.
  • Build anticipation with an exclusive live launch, creating a vibe of underground, insider exclusivity as fans get VIP access to your creative unveiling.
  • Keep diehards hooked with real-time chat, interacting with your biggest fans as you perform, share behind-the-scenes insights, and keep the buzz alive long after the stream ends.
  • Capture fan data at peak interest. Unlike social platforms, all viewer data and revenue are yours to capitalize on when hosting through your Shopify storefront.


Artists Crushing This Livestream Launch Party Formula

Rising stars like Cuco unveiled his new coffee brand and merch line in a shoppable live stream event on his Shopify store. Fans tuned in, copped products, and engaged with Cuco via live chat as he gave the insider scoop.

cuco live shopping on shopify.png


Beauty School Dropout did the same for their new merch line, hosting a "Dropout Closet" where they showed fans how to wear their new apparel and played an acoustic set. The key advantage? It's far more than just driving temporary store traffic. By hosting the fan experience on their Shopify site, this band created a legitimate revenue stream from product sales AND captured invaluable fan data.



How to Run Your Own Livestream Event

Ready to go all-in on your next release? Follow these steps:

  1. Announce early to build major anticipation across email and social channels
  2. Use Single to make your Shopify live stream shoppable
  3. Get creative with exclusive experiences, guests, giveaways, performances etc.
  4. Clip highlights to keep fanning the hype on other platforms


Feeling Inspired?

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