❤️ NFTs made easy

Our step-by-step creation tool is the easiest way to sell NFTs and reward token holders. No crypto or blockchain knowledge is required—just upload an image file and you can start selling NFTs on Shopify in minutes.

Collection Types

In the Single app, you can create three different kinds of Digital Collectible / NFT Collections. 

  • Single-Image Collections: Includes multiple copies of the same image in a numbered order.
  • Multi-Image Collections: Includes different images in the same collection. Quantities for each create rarity. 
  • Generative Collections: Allows you to create a large unique set of NFTs based on uploaded image layers.

Accept Credit, Debit, or Crypto

Using Shopify’s powerful payment processor, you can sell your Collection for a standard currency or accept most any crypto currency.

Case Study: Selling NFTs on Shopify

Read how FRNDS used Single's NFT bundling and tokengating solutions to create a community-centric, Web3 fashion brand from day one.

🤝 Bundle NFTs with other products

Make it easy for fans to break into Web3 by bundling NFTs with merch and other physical products. Use free NFTs to drive traffic back to your shop through tokengated content and exclusive products.

Easily bundle NFTs with:

  • Physical products
  • Digital products
  • Live Stream tickets

🚀 Sell on Socials

Sell where your fans are with seamless integrations to Tiktok, Youtube, and Spotify, or even secondary marketplaces like OpenSea and Magic Eden for trading and resale.

📩 Simple Fan Claim Experience

We simplified the claim process down to a few easy steps so all of your fans - regardless of their Web3 knowledge level - can buy, claim, and utilize NFTs from your Collection. 

🌍 Cost & Energy Efficient Blockchain

We utilize the Solana blockchain, where one mint is the equivalent of 10 Google searches and 64,000 times less energy than an Ethereum transaction.

Additionally, we only mint NFTs at the time of purchase, which saves you the upfront cost of paying for minting of your entire Collection at the time of creation.

Tokengating Content and Commerce

Selling NFTs is only half the equation. With the Single app, you can offer holders exclusive access to products, pages, videos, and experiences – all through your Shopify store.

It’s this easy: 

  • They come to your site 
  • They connect their wallet 
  • They get access to pages, products, videos you’ve gated for holders 

Case Study: Tokengate Exclusive Products

Read how the Backpack team used Single's Tokengating product to gate access to exclusive hoodies for holders of NFTs from their Mad Lads Collection.

🔥 Already have a collection?

We can import existing Solana Collections to your Shopify store so you’re able to offer exclusive products and perks to holders.

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