Add Real Value to your NFT Collection

Selling NFTs is only half the equation. With Single, you can offer real value to the collection through exclusive perks only for holders.

NFT Holder Perks

Single’s Gated Access solutions let you put products, pages, and videos all behind a wallet authentication flow so only holders of your NFTs can access them. Add previews throughout your Shopify store to encourage visitors to purchase an NFT from your Collection.

Reward NFT holders with exclusive access to all kinds of drops - products, content, experiences, and more.

Case Study: Exclusive Product Drops

Read how the Backpack team used Single's Tokengating product to gate access to exclusive hoodies for holders of NFTs from their Mad Lads Collection.

❤️ Accessible to Your Mainstream Fans

Web3 pros shouldn’t be the only fans to gain access to your exclusive perks. We make the flow simple – no crypto or blockchain knowledge required – so anyone can join in!

It’s this easy: 

  • Holders come to your Shopify store 
  • They connect their wallet 
  • They see what perks are available to them 
  • They get access to pages, products, videos you’ve gated
  • You sell more! 

Case Study: Exclusive Product Drops

Read how Okay Bears partnered with IKONICK to provide NFT holders exclusive access to buy limited edition art prints.

🔒 Safe and Secure

We verify NFT ownership multiple times before and during the checkout process, and let you stay in control of how many times an NFT can be used to claim a reward.

Case Study: NFT Membership

Read how The Cave used NFTs to capture the attention of its community with a fun and interactive game. 

Ready to Release a Collection?

Our step-by-step creation tool is the easiest way to sell NFTs and reward token holders. No crypto or blockchain knowledge is required—just upload an image file and you can start selling NFTs on Shopify in minutes.

🔥 Already Have a Collection?

We can import existing Solana Collections to your Shopify store so you’re able to offer exclusive products and perks to holders. Reward diamond-hands while keeping them inside an ecosystem you own and control.

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